Monday, March 11, 2013

Milk Kefir part 2

So now that you have made your first batch of milk kefir, what do you do with it? I have personally found a few simple ways to enjoy it. For simply drinking it, you can try it straight up but that may be a bit rough at first unless you like different tastes. If you prefer to ease into it, try adding a bit of honey, only not too much because honey has antibiotic properties and it will kill the good bacteria in the kefir. Add some chocolate syrup or ovaltine for a chocolate milk taste. Caramel syrup or any other flavored syrup can be added and stirred in also.

Wanna try something a little more impressive? Make kefir shakes or smoothies from it. I will blend up some bananas, blueberries and strawberries into a quart of kefir, adding a couple tablespoons of powdered sugar if you like it to be a little more sweet. You can blend up any combination of fruit you like, staying away from citrus as this will curdle the kefir. My kids love this and line up as I am making it to be sure they get some.

Ok, so those were fairly easy. Now let's add it to our cooking repertoire. I have substituted plain milk kefir in recipes like pancakes and waffles quite successfully. It can be widely used in baking in place of milk or buttermilk. Here is a link from a website, Cultures for Health, that sells the grains and they have many recipes you can use the kefir in.

One of my families new favorites with the kefir is kefir cheese. This is a soft cheese like cream cheese. Eaten plain it is not very tasty, but add in some seasoning and it is outstanding on a creacker for snacking or on a bagel for breakfast. I usually add garlic and onion powders, dill weed, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. You can add any combination of these or other spices to really jazz it up. Curry cheese? Chili cheese? The only limit is your imagination.

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